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IVO is now offering Ozone Therapy, Prolozone Therapy and Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation Therapy

Ozone is made by passing pure oxygen gas through a tube through which energy is directed to produce oxygen and ozone (3 oxygen molecules). Ozone therapy may be administered via autohemotherapy (treating the patient’s blood with ozone), topically, rectally, into the bladder and by subcutaneous injection.

OZONE THERAPY may be used in combination with other treatments to treat heart disease, cancer, chronic infections, cystitis, allergies, autoimmune disease and intestinal disease. More at this link...

PROLOZONE THERAPY involves injection of homeopathic, nutrients and ozone into joints or subcutaneous tissues to treat pain. Conditions that may be treated include any joint pain (back, neck, hips, knees, carpus), caused by osteoarthritis, auto-immune arthritis, organ pain and cancer pain. More at this link...

ULTRAVIOLET BLOOD IRRADIATION has a broad spectrum of healing effects treatment of auto-immune disease, bacterial, fungal and viral infections, allergies, cancer, non healing wounds, and deactivation of toxins such as snake bites. This therapy is often used in combination with ozone therapy. More at this link...

Please ask us how these therapies may benefit your pet!

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